A community of traders of all levels, from professionals to newcomers, working together as a team to beat the market.

What to Expect

The atmosphere in the room is one of serious trading. A group of traders with varying experience levels, from seasoned veterans to novices, cooperating as a unit in order to achieve success in the financial markets.

Many of our members bring an average of more than 30 years’ worth of expertise to the table. Our service is based on the Slack platform where we have specific channels to provide information; Research, News, Charts, Flows, and a dedicated trading floor, You are going to need this expertise and this information if you want to be effective in trading the markets, knowing how it works, and comprehending the macro environment.

Flows & Sweeps

This is an area The Power Room specializes in due to the expertise of its flow practitioners. Flow is firstly deciphered correctly (something most flow services are unable to do), it is then dissected into its parts, and the overall understanding of what the implications are allows correct positions to be taken (see example).

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Learning & Questions

For those just starting out in the trading world, this is an excellent opportunity to pick up pointers and tips from more experienced traders.

What Members Have to Say