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What is a trading community?

A forum or chat room that allows members of an online trading community to engage in conversation with one another constitutes an online trading community. Users can pose questions and give their perspectives on the market as well as their suggestions, which can help you become as educated as possible.


Traders of all skill levels can benefit from the support that can be found in online groups. When things don’t go as planned, having an engaged community to turn to may provide a safe space for you to share your experiences, discuss various ideas, and express your emotions. First and foremost, learn from the success of others!

Eyes on all markets

It is possible to reduce the risk of missing out on profitable trading chances by surrounding yourself with many people who share your mindset and have expertise trading in the financial markets.

Learn new techniques

It is possible to reduce the risk of missing out on profitable trading chances by surrounding yourself with many people who share your mindset and have expertise trading in the financial markets.

Macro understanding

Profit, sales, and debt burden are not the only factors influencing a company’s stock price. In reality, a number of economic variables influence market sentiment, which in turn influences the values of different stocks to varied degrees. You do not require a degree in economics to comprehend how important indicators affect the market and your portfolio. Numerous members have a profound understanding of economic indicators and how they affect all markets.

Stocks / Options / Structured trading Strategies

Options are financial derivatives that confer the right, but not the duty, to purchase or sell an underlying asset at a certain price and date. Having an understanding of premiums, Greeks, and option strategies, many members employ a variety of tactics and discuss ideas on a regular basis.

Futures & Currency Trading
  • The currency market, often known as forex (FX), is the largest financial market in the world, with daily notional value exchanges exceeding $4 to $5 trillion. 1 In comparison, daily volume on the New York Stock Exchange is only $25 billion (NYSE). The market may be vast, but until recently the volume was dominated by professional traders. However, as currency trading platforms have developed, an increasing number of regular traders have found forex suited for their investment objectives.

  • Physical commodities and financial instruments are included among the underlying assets. Futures contracts specify the quantity of the underlying asset and are standardized for trading on a futures market. Futures may be used for both hedging and speculative trading.
News and What's Moving Markets

Because market prices are affected by news events, the release of economic data is frequently the most significant factor in determining short-term trends. This is especially true in the currency market, which reacts not just to economic figures pertaining to the United States, but also to news pertaining to other countries and regions. The most important things are to obtain this news and to comprehend how it will influence the marketplace.

Risk & Position Management

Risk management refers to the practices implemented during trading to assist keep losses under control and maintain a favorable risk-to-reward ratio. Risk management can protect a trader from losing their whole account balance. Risk management should be implemented by both novice and seasoned traders.

Market Flow and Analysis
Flows give you an insight to where large investors are putting their money; it’s crucial to comprehend the larger picture and what it implies, as fund flow can be multi-faceted. It is the experience of understanding “The Why” that is crucial, not just the flow.
Earnings Ideas

Earnings are possibly the single most crucial statistic in a company’s financial statements, as well as the one that receives the most attention and analysis. It provides a comparison of the actual profitability of a firm to the estimates provided by analysts, the company’s own historical performance, and the profits of its competitors and industry peers. Having an understanding of the data and how the stock will respond. It’s important to surround yourself with people who have experience.

Weekly plan and Daily Levels

Before the beginning of the week, it is helpful to have a solid foundational knowledge of the recent past as well as the upcoming week in terms of news and events. On Sunday, before the trading of futures begins for the week, we will review the recent past and discuss what variables and levels will be relevant moving into the next week.
Information consists of both the weekly plan and significant daily levels at which the market has exhibited support and resistance. Numerous experts often discuss the daily and intraday levels of assets and the broader market that they consider to be significant. Knowing why they are significant and being aware of the various reactions gives you knowledge that you may utilize in accordance with the trading style and period that you employ.

A Preview Inside The Power Trading Room

Trade Structure

Say you looked at UAL and AAL and felt that UAL would outperform AAL by a factor of 2x but less than 4x. You clearly can’t short AAL and long UAL in a linear manner.
So you asked for a structure that represented this view over the summer so June 15 and Sept 15. Now JP would say sure we can do that. Here is the price is said structure it will cost you 27% of payout value.  You decide that great I’ll do it.  You walk off with the structure having done no underlying, no options, nothing. Just 1 ticket.
Now at JP, the junior guy is getting his head kicked in for making such a cheap price, but that’s all in a day’s work for him. His boss says right so we now have a calendar in 2 such that we must have enough exposure to cover the client on Sept 100 by being 100% hedged or the client is wrong and the instant he is wrong we close out the trade (him and the hedges).

Options Understanding

I think there is a misconception that if you can’t buy a 20$ premium strike, you should buy a 5$ premium strike. Well, the reason the 5$ premium is ….5$, is it reflects the likelihood to be in the money. Hence it is 1/4 of the chance of the 20$ being in the money (let’s say this strike itself had a 50% chance), you are now buying something that has 12.5% (1/4 of50%) of being in the money. Now ask yourself are they the same trade? FURU says, I made money it went from 20 to 24. You say… but my 5$ went from 5 to 5.75. Did you both do the same trade? Yes, in terms of the instrument but no in terms of the risk/reward, the 5$ premium reflected a much riskier trade. The reason I mention the above is to explain the basis of my answer. Now to answer your question, “is there a cheaper way to that trade’”,

Options Movement

Ok long enough. Think of the books that must make nonbinary decisions. They are the ones who suddenly end up with 100shares at expiry multiplied by 5k/10k or they end up short if the market goes up and they don’t buy back their short sales. In other words, the delta hedging must be constant. till expiry. Now that we are in a strong downtrend with little bounce in it (so far) what would you do if you were the MM? You would keep your hedges expecting the bounces to continue up/fail/down. We have 180 minutes to expiry/ TSLA is a v volatile stock/Premiums will stay insanely high and for say the next 150 minutes, the MM will continue to hedge no lifting of hedges because of what I just said. at 3.30 the book simplifies for them; we have 1000 and 1050 as